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Our dream was simple; we'd farm and others would be fed. 


We started this journey with a handful of knowledge, a heart full of hope, and a few "are you crazy?" comments. Four summers later... well, our farming knowledge is a little larger, our hearts are still chasing after a mission, and our support system of this "crazy dream" is rock solid. We love what we do and are thankful for the opportunity to serve daily.


For those who don't know much about Grace Farms and what we do, here's a quick timeline. In 2016, we started a "farm" that feeds those who are in need of fresh produce, no questions asked. In 2017, after, what seemed to be a century, of waiting for an answer, we became a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. In 2018, we moved from just a few acres to nearly 50 acres. In 2019, we expanded our produce selection and the community we serve. And in 2022, even with a few bumps in the road, we are still going strong!


In hindsight we think about all of the mountains that blocked our way and all the "popup" storms that formed right over our heads, but ultimately we see the work God has done in us and the tools He has been generous enough to give.


Five years later, we are living a life we (or I) didn't think would be in the cards. I, personally, was NOT settling down until I was in my 30s or having children at all, and I was definitely working for a business somewhere in a big city up North. And I am now eating every one of those words.


I digress.

My husband is now a full time farmer, planting seeds, caring for cows and caring for chickens (plus 15,000 other daily tasks and deliveries). Together we have three little boys, Silas, Nehemiah, and Canaan. I take care of the behind the scene needs as well as the business side of Grace Farms Ministries. We have also taken on Farmers Markets, festivals, and direct-from-farm sales to help raise funds for our farm. Those funds go directly back into the farm to continue our mission.

It's a crazy busy life, that's for sure, but we wouldn't have it any other way. The hugs we recieve and the growth that takes place makes it all more than worth it.

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We want to be the hands and feet of Christ, serving where we've been called... in our own backyard.

Sustainable Farming...

While our main mission is feeding others and creating relationships, we also feel responsible to use the land we have been given in the most sustainable way. We aren't "certified organic", but in 2020 we are aiming for a cleaner, more organic farming method. 

We plant seeds that come from companies that know the importance of non-GMO/organic produce, as well as our past crops. Our egg layers are given non-GMO feed and are moved about every three days to a new paddock of grass, leaving it greener and naturally fertilized. We are currently testing the waters with broiler (meat) chickens. They eat non-GMO feed and graze the land in a "chicken tractor" that is moved daily. Fresh, grown at Grace Farms, beef and whole hens have been added to our family’s freezer—we hope to offer those meats to other in the coming months too.

We use the sweetest of local honey, top of the line organic/non-GMO seeds, herbs and berries, the purest of waxes, wooden crackling wicks, and clean burning oils. We make a conscious choice to package all of our products sustainably, as well as offer the option to reuse and recycle our products' vessels.

It's all a learning process, but the more we study up, the more we realize the importance of eating from the earth as God intended it to be. We want to feed our family the best, share it all with others in multiple ways, and leave the land better than we found it... for our kids and their kids and the next.

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